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Toby's Designs on Vida's Clothings

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Toby's  Designs on Vida's Clothings

Vida is a global partnership of Co-Creators, From a designer (Toby Klein Designs), to a Producer and then to the customer.

Vida's story is that of the rich, interconnected world we live in - The story of Contemporary Life and Mindful, Global Citizens.

Samples of some of Toby's Designs

Vida Combo copy

Vida contacted me a number of times to partner with their company - to use my Art & Designs on their clothing.  I decided to work with Vida and found that uploading my art onto their site was fun and exciting.  After working with their program then seeing my artwork on their clothing was something I never dreamed of.  The items above show only an example of my collection.  You may see the balance of this collection to date by going to the above web address.

Vida Has Added New Items To Their Line!

I have now added New Items to my Vida Clothing Collection along with my

Tote Bags & Pillow Collection.

You can see my complete collection at:  

I am   proud to let you knolon

Pillow & Tote Collection

Added November 2016

Tops & Statement Bags

New Items: Added April 2017: Statement Bags & Clutches

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