"Writings In the Wall X:

The Ten Commandments" Corporate Collection: Temple Beth El

"Writings In the Wall: King David"

"The Five Books III"

Commission for a Bat Mitzvot

"Shalom - Peace"


"The Wall XXVIV"

Special Gift to: Rabbi Randall & Michelle Konigsburg - From: Temple Beth EL

"Home Blessings V"

"The Day of Sounding the Shofar"

"L'kvod Shabbat II"


"Mitzvot of Tzitzit"

"Shalom IV"

"Let My People Go II"

Phyllis Weinsteins Pins

Commission: 2016 Corporate Collection of Temple Beth El This includes 25 of Phyllis's "Torah Fund" Pins. I created a collaged with the pins along with the Hebrew names & meaning each pins.

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